DIGITAL - The Happiness Delusion


Gustavo Bueno, The Happiness Delusion, Pentalfa, Oviedo 2019, 380 pp. 

Translated by Brendan Burke

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Challenging the received wisdom surrounding the term “happiness”, the Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno (1924-2016) sets his critical eye on the mass of literature bought and sold on highly dubious assumptions. With his trademark erudition and precision, Bueno breaks down the ignorance feeding into these assumptions, laying out a classification of the incompatible and often unconscious models in play.

In doing so, he deploys his system of philosophy - philosophical materialism - to comprehensively shred the Western canon, history and science to lay the foundations for a much better informed understanding of “happiness”.

This translation brings to an English-language audience the first book-length translation of the work of one of Spain’s leading philosophers over the last 50 years, one whose system of philosophy has influenced countless thinkers in Spain and abroad.